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Monday Jul 2,2018

Gymversary Dara-4

Good Friday

Warm up
Trainer's choice

Coach will be looking for early arm bends and rounded back, among other things
Min 1-3: 3 power cleans at about 25% of your hopeful weight for WOD
Min 4-6: 2 power cleans at about 50% of your hopeful weight for WOD
Min 7-9: 1 power clean at about 75% of your hopeful weight for WOD
Min 10-12: 1 power clean at the weight you want to use for the WOD

10 rounds
100m run
1 really heavy power clean - heavy enough that when you get back in fron your run you CANT pick it up right away. Note how heavy your power clean was in the comments

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Hannah11:35 Rx 95#
Ryan F12:53  165#
Sarah13:43 Rx 90
Janet9:08 Rx 160#
Tammy13:33 Rx 95#
Steve S10:10 Rx 175#
Richard L10:48 Rx 185#
Alison13:25 Rx 135#
Joe Z12:10 Rx 195
Chris G12:02 Rx 175
Katrisha10:45 Rx 135
Veronica13:03 Rx 105#
Susanne12:14 Rx #95
Tabitha10:53 Rx 105#
Nate H11:00  195
Brandon V12:57  225
Mike C11:31  175
Angie12:38 Rx 155#
Ethan10:38 Rx 275#
Amanda Z11:41 Rx 145#
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