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Monday Jun 4,2018

Fight Club

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill - review the power snatch and ground to overhead

Power snatch (95/65)
Pull ups
Rest 5 minutes
Ground to overhead (95/65)
Push ups
Rest 5 minutes
Thrusters (95/65)
burpees over the bar

Extra credit
Accumulate 3 (or 5 if 3 is easy) minutes in a deadhang from the pull up bars

100% 0%
1st21:23 Tori Mon,Jun 4,2018
2nd23:32 Lauren Mon,Jun 4,2018
3rd24:18 Jodi Mon,Jun 4,2018
1st24:18 Travis Mon,Jun 4,2018
2nd24:20 Thomas G Mon,Jun 4,2018
3rd25:29 TJ Mon,Jun 4,2018

Erin M26:55  55, banded
Tammy31:04  55# banded pu
Hannah31:08  Not Rx
Dana33:57  Banded pu
Ron29:35 Rx
Sarah32:25  45#, 55#, 45#
TJ25:29 Rx
Mada35:06 Rx
Elizabeth30:43  Mod body weight stuff
Veronica32:49  Band pull up
Josh H28:54 Rx
Sabrina38:10  55#
Travis24:18 Rx
Alison32:30 Rx
Alyssa33:49 Rx
Lauren23:32 Rx
Jodi24:18 Rx
Lisa33:32  Jumping pu, burpees
Max23:54 Rx
Suzi29:50 Rx
Gavin31:06 Rx
Heather35:59  35# jumping pu
Angie25:07 Rx
Tori21:23 Rx
Thomas G24:20 Rx
Gene31:20  jump pu, 65#
Jon H33:24 Rx
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