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Thursday May 31,2018

Happy Birthday Barbara
Gymversary Stacy Y-6
Welcome Doug
The TerminatorFront squat maxBarbell 053118

The Terminator

Warm up (10 minutes) - trainer's choice

Strength (25 minutes)
Find max front squat - record that on the appropriate tab

10 burpees
10 power cleans (95/65)

0% 0%
1st110 Tori Thu,May 31,2018
2nd108 Janet Thu,May 31,2018
3rd71 Alison Thu,May 31,2018
1st92 Josh H Thu,May 31,2018
2nd85 Ron Thu,May 31,2018
3rd74 Jon H Thu,May 31,2018

Alison71 Rx
Dana46 Rx
Sarah62  55#
Ron85 Rx
Janet108 Rx
Josh H92 Rx
Joe Z78  Not Rx
Steph78  55lb
Alyssa65 Rx
Ethan4+1 Rx
Tori110 Rx
Chris T155  3 rounds
Jon H74 Rx Burpees slayed me
Gene42  sad 75#
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