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Thursday May 17,2018

Happy Birthday Hannah
Gymversary Margeaux-1
Welcome Joe Z
Three Men and a Baby051718

Three Men and a Baby

Warm up (10 minutes) - trainer's choice

WOD warm up (10 minutes) - practice double KB hang clean and press and pick your poison...errr..weight

5 rounds
10 double KB hang clean and press (55/35)
10 GHD sit ups
200m run

5 rounds
10 double DB hang clean and press (40/20)
10 sit ups
200m run

100% 0%
1st12:53 Janet Thu,May 17,2018
2nd14:41 Jodi Thu,May 17,2018
3rd20:21 Alyssa Thu,May 17,2018
1st16:50 Travis Thu,May 17,2018
2nd23:40 Nathan U Thu,May 17,2018
3rd14:44 2Ron Thu,May 17,2018

Janet12:53 Rx
Travis16:50 Rx I think....
Tammy16:13 Rx2
Ron14:44 Rx2 With GHD
Alison21:31 Rx
Dan B16:32  35# kb
Jodi14:41 Rx
Alyssa20:21 Rx
Veronica18:43  30 lbs
Josh H15:22 Rx2 All GHDs 2rnds 55lbkb
Ken12:52  30lbs DB
Jon H15:51  45# KB
Eli16:02  30#db sit-ups
Max17:24 Rx
Nathan U23:40 Rx
John K16:13 Rx2 Ghd, 35# kb
Erik15:46  30# DB
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