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Thursday May 10,2018

Crocodile DundeeBarbell 051018

Crocodile Dundee

Warm up (10 minutes) - trainer's choice

WOD specific warm up (8-10 minutes) - review and test the double kettlebell Russian swing and double KB shoulder to overhead.  

5 rounds
10 double Russian KBS (55/35)
100m run
10 double shoulder to overhead KB (55/35)
100m run

100% 0%
1st11:37 Jodi Thu,May 10,2018
2nd13:05 Janet Thu,May 10,2018
3rd19:00 Alison Thu,May 10,2018
1st13:05 Travis Thu,May 10,2018
2nd16:53 Jon H Thu,May 10,2018
3rd10:18Josh H Thu,May 10,2018

Sarah14:00  18# KB
Janet13:05 Rx
Tammy14:49  45# single 25# oh
Jeff P14:00  70lb kb and 135 cln and jrk
Ron12:44  45#
Dan B15:19  35# kb
Alison19:00 Rx
Dan O14:15  Scaled
Travis13:05 Rx
Brooke12:13  #25
Josh H10:18  35lb kb
Jodi11:37 Rx
Veronica13:43  25lb
Jon H16:53 Rx Unbroken on all reps!
Eli15:00  18# kb
Jeanee16:50  Not Rx
Gene16:05  35#KBS, BB press
Susanne12:26  #25
Erik14:51  35# KBS 45# BB Press
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