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Wednesday May 9,2018

Chris G & Gene

Row 2k

Warm up - trainer's choice

Interval 1: 10 squats + 10 pushups
Interval 2: 10 sit ups + 10 box jumps - you pick height

Rest at least 7-8 minutes between EMOM and row

WOD: Row 2k for time

Go all out. Leave nothing behind. When done properly this should be absolutely painful. Do not pace this, do not make this comfortable. Push yourself, pull hard and pull fast.

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Sean7:48 Rx
Erin M8:26.6 Rx 4th
Diana9:49 Rx 18th
Angie9:41 Rx 16th
Bryce8:57 Rx
Hannah9:15.2 Rx 12th
Cynthia N8:40 Rx
Dan B8:09 Rx 10th
Alison8:26.8 Rx 5th
Ron7:24 Rx 3rd
Jeff P7:32 Rx
Yanita9:46 Rx
Susanne9:22 Rx 13th
Brooke10:59 Rx 19th
Sabrina11:15 Rx
Alyssa8:23.8 Rx 3rd
Richard L8:27 Rx
Max7:27.3 Rx
Nate H8:10 Rx
Veronica9:43 Rx 17th
Jon H7:50.3 Rx 7th
Tori8:28 Rx 6th
Chris G8:02 Rx 8th
Mada8:57.5 Rx 10th
Jodi8:05 Rx 1st
Janet8:15 Rx 2nd
Jeanee9:59 Rx
Lacey10:48 Rx
Thomas G7:03 Rx 1st
Travis7:22.9 Rx
Ryan F8:04.8 Rx 9th
Aaron M8:35.5 Rx
Gene9:33.6 Rx 13th
Cody7:35 Rx
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