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Saturday May 5,2018

Pet Rock

Warm up - Circle of love

'Pet Rock'
In teams of 2 complete the following
Buy in - each partner must hold a plank on hands for 1 minute
250 flutter kicks (L/R = 1)
100 hang power cleans (95/65)
800m run
100 hang power snatch (95/65)
250 scissor kicks
Cash out - each partner must hold a plank on hands...with chest facing the ceiling (ya, face up)

The kicker - each team, no matter if it is guy/guy, girl/girl or guy/girl must hold a 45# plate during the entire workout. The plate, in this case your pet rock, cannot touch the ground. You must hand it off. If your pet rock touches the ground you each run 400m. This includes during the planks at the beginning and end.

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1st34:09 Alison Sat,May 5,2018
2nd27:47Lisa Sat,May 5,2018
1st31:10 Travis Sat,May 5,2018

Travis31:10 Rx
Lisa27:47  25# plate, 35# snatches with Adrienne
Alison34:09 Rx With Erin and Cynthia