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Friday May 4,2018

Happy Birthday Jeff P & Tabitha

Fatal Attraction

Warm up (10 minutes) - trainer's choice

EMOM specific warm up (5-7 minutes) review and practice single leg, 'stiff leg', deadlifts. Pick your weight for EMOM

Interval 1: 10 single leg, 'stiff' leg DB deadlifts
Interval 2: 10 on the other leg
You may increase weight if you wish as you become more comfortable with the movement

16 box jumps (24/20)
16 pull ups
16 shoulder taps (facing away from wall is 'RX')
16 jumping lunges

0% 0%
1st7+27 Tori Fri,May 4,2018
2nd4+23Tristan Fri,May 4,2018
3rd4+22Brooke Fri,May 4,2018
1st4+32 Sean Fri,May 4,2018
Josh H Fri,May 4,2018
2nd4+1 Jeff P Fri,May 4,2018
3rd4+48Ken Fri,May 4,2018

Sean4+32 Rx
Josh H4+32 Rx
Hannah4+8  Banded pu, facing toward wall
Ryan F3+3  Facing wall
Veronica4+7  Band pull up, wall facing
Brooke4+22  Shoulder taps facing the wall
John K3+32  Facing wall
Steve S4+3  not rx
Tristan4+23  Face wall, attempt butterfly
Jeff P4+1 Rx
Tori7+27 Rx
Devin4+3  Not Rx
Ken4+48  Not Rx
Nate H3+48  Not Rx
Nate T3+16  Not Rx
Sabrina4+5  Banded PU
Shelley3+10  scaled: plank ST
Gene3+20 banded  Green/pur banded pu, 11 taps facing wall then plank
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