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Thursday May 3,2018

ISABELBarbell 050318


Warm up - trainer's choice

First 9 minutes: 6 burpees using DBs
Last 3 minutes: 9 burpees using DBs
(Holding a DB in each hand, go into a push up holding the DB and ensure chest still touches the ground - a slight deficit - and then stand holding the dumbbells)
You pick the weight

30 Snatches (135#/95#)

You can squat, power, split snatch as you need.

Break the class into 2 groups - 1 group performs WOD, 2nd group judges standards, then switch. Judges look for lockout overhead - knees, hips, shoulders. Lowest (fastest) 3 scores for guys/girls will be put on the record board.

If you do not care to have your name on the record board you do not need a judge. And will not be marked as RX.

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TodayAll Time

Tammy2:42  6th Not Rx
Janet2:14 Rx 2nd
TJ4:26 Rx 3rd
Travis2:53 Rx
Alyssa5:11 Rx 4th
Hannah2:56  7th 55#
Tabitha3:08  9th 55#
Cody6:47 Rx all by myseeeeelf
Tori2:10 Rx 1st
Josh H2:01  4th 95#
Ryan S3:49 Rx
Devin2:20  5th 95#
Jeanee2:07  Training bar
Alison3:00  8th 75#
Richard L3:55  95#
Chris G2:38  6th 75#
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