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Wednesday May 2,2018

Beverly Hills Cop

Warm up (10 minutes) - trainer's choice

EMOM warm up (5 minutes) - prep rings, get bars for Pendlay rows and dumbbells for Arnold presses. click links below for demos

Interval 1: 10 ring dips
Interval 2: 10 Pendlay rows (
Interval 3: 10 Arnold presses ( - we will do these standing, the weight for 10 reps shouldn't be so heavy that you arch your back.

30 double unders
10 ground to overhead (135/95)

Extra credit
3 rounds of max effort plank on elbows - if you can do a plank for longer than 2 minutes add weight via a plate on your back

0% 0%
1st3+34 Tori Wed,May 2,2018
2nd2 Alison Wed,May 2,2018
3rd2Veronica Wed,May 2,2018
Susanne Wed,May 2,2018
1st3+23 Travis Wed,May 2,2018
2nd3+22 Sean Wed,May 2,2018
3rd2+5 Dan O Wed,May 2,2018

Travis3+23 Rx
Sean3+22 Rx
Dan O2+5 Rx
Veronica 85 lbs some singles
Steve S2+17  SU's and 95#
Lisa1+38  double singles, 95#
Susanne2, practice for DU's  Strict dips, #75 pendlay, #20 AP
Chris G2+32  Singles. 95#
Tori3+34 Rx
Derek3+31  Not Rx
John K1+36  95#
Nathan URx
Aaron M2+2  65#
Dan B 95, du attempts
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