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Tuesday May 1,2018

Happy Birthday Elizabeth
Gymversary Veronica-1
Welcome Gene
Backwards and drunk DianeBarbell 050118

Backwards and drunk Diane

Warm up (8 minutes) - trainer's choice

Squat specific warm up (5 minutes)

Strength (15 minutes)
Work quickly and perform 5x5 back squats - first working set should be heavy! With limited rest between sets you might not get as heavy as usual.

WOD (20 minute cap)
Deadlift (225/155)
You will perform 3 forward rolls after the 9, 15 and 21 HSPU

Cool down - stretch hamstrings and low back

0% 0%
1st3:45 Tori Tue,May 1,2018
2nd6:49 Angie Tue,May 1,2018
3rd14:49 Alison Tue,May 1,2018
1st5:28 TJ Tue,May 1,2018
2nd10:02 Travis Tue,May 1,2018
3rd11:45 Jeff P Tue,May 1,2018

Steve S8:24  Not Rx
Angie6:49 Rx
TJ5:28 Rx
Tammy7:32  115# box hspu
Heather9:59  135# box pu
Alison14:49 Rx
Dan O11:50 Rx
Devin1205  Not Rx
Ethan6:37  ab mat for HSPU
Brooke9:55  Ab mat
Jeff P11:45 Rx
Susanne9:40  135
Sabrina16:21  115#
Travis10:02 Rx 45# plates
Tori3:45 Rx
Chris G16:08  185. 45 plate plus ab mat
Jon H18:31 Rx Tough hspus!
Cody13:45 Rx
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