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Monday Apr 30,2018

Welcome Gene

Rain man

Warm up (10 min) - trainer's choice

WOD review and set up (8 minutes)

400m run
30 jumping pull ups*
20 burpees
10 wall ball (30/20)
5 wall walks

*Find a bar where, when standing with arms extended overhead, the bar crosses your wrist - or close to it. Ensure every rep starts with arms fully extended (you will need to squat slightly) and ends with chin over the bar.

0% 0%
1st4 + 49 Lauren Mon,Apr 30,2018
2nd4+19 Janet Mon,Apr 30,2018
3rd4 Veronica Mon,Apr 30,2018
1st4+1 TJ Mon,Apr 30,2018
2nd3+62 Jeff P Mon,Apr 30,2018
3rd3+44 Travis Mon,Apr 30,2018

Travis3+44 Rx
Ron3+1 Rx
Alison2+6  Row instead of run
Jeff P3+62 Rx
Hannah3+1  14 lb wall ball, wall walks not Rx
Lisa2+46  Walked/nose not to wall
Ryan S3+35 Rx
Ken2+61 Rx
Lauren4 + 49 Rx
Tammy2+55  14# no wall walk
Janet4+19 Rx
Igor2+46  15 jump ups
Dan B2+60 Rx
Eli2+30  20# med ball, 15 pull-ups
Gene2+21  20# ball, 15 jump ups, wall walks poor!
TJ4+1 Rx
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