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Friday Apr 13,2018

Happy Birthday Kalen


Check In
Warm up - trainer's choice (10 minutes)

Skill + strength (15 minutes)
Find a heavy push press

5 rounds
Every 5 minutes complete:
10 box jump (30/24)
20 wall ball (20/14)
30 DB snatch (40/20)

Much like the WOD on Monday - these should be 'sprints'. Albeit I'm guessing they will take longer than the sprints on Tuesday.

When you are done with this sprint focus on your breathing - long deep, regular breaths. Do this for 1 minute to help calm your nervous system down before the next 5 minute window.

0% 0%

ClaireYes  120
SabrinaYes  Scaled wall balls and DB snatches to 15 and 20 for rounds 3-5
BrookeYes  20 box