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Thursday Mar 8,2018

Happy Birthday Diana
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Rowing Helen

Warm up - trainer's choice

'Rowing Helen'
3 rounds
500m row
21 KBS (55/35)
12 pull ups

Extra credit
50 ring rows - try to be as close to parallel with the ground as possible. If 50 is 'easy' for you, do 100.

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1st11:15 Lauren Thu,Mar 8,2018
2nd11:33 Jodi Thu,Mar 8,2018
3rd12:25 Janet Thu,Mar 8,2018
1st11:17 Ron Thu,Mar 8,2018
2nd12:46 Ethan Thu,Mar 8,2018
3rd13:03 Josh H Thu,Mar 8,2018

Janet12:25 Rx
Josh H13:03 Rx
Alison13:37 Rx
Ron11:17 Rx
Dan B17:06 Rx
Aaron M14:02  35,run,green ban pu
Cortney14:12  18,jumppull
Susanne15:44 Rx
Alyssa14:39 Rx
Tabitha15:30 Rx Run
Ethan12:46 Rx
Devin15:10  Band pu
Tara13:48 Rx
Lauren11:15 Rx
Jodi11:33 Rx
Richard L15:43  Ring rows
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