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Tuesday Mar 6,2018

Voodoo RangerBarbell 030618

Voodoo Ranger

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill - spend 15 minutes working on handstands, handstand push ups, walking on hands, etc

These should be ALL OUT MAX effort sets. Push yourself to see how many you can get. Hold on even after you think you are done and get a few more reps.  

2 rounds
Max rep wall balls (20/14 to 10/9 foot target): when the ball stops moving you're done
rest 1 min
Max rep T2B
Rest 1 min
Max rep HSPU
Rest 1 min
Max rep OHS (95/65): if you pause more than 2 seconds at the top, you're done
Rest 1 min
Max burpees in 1 one minute
Rest 3 min

Your score today is total reps for all 5 movements across both rounds.

100% 0%
1st235 Angie Tue,Mar 6,2018
2nd194 Janet Tue,Mar 6,2018
3rd148 Whitney Tue,Mar 6,2018
1st216 TJ Tue,Mar 6,2018
2nd195 Sean Tue,Mar 6,2018
3rd192 Travis Tue,Mar 6,2018

Angie235 Rx
Sean195 Rx
TJ216 Rx
Travis192 Rx
Ron145  Abmat hspu
Ryan S165  Ab mat hspu
Terry133 Rx
Dana147  Hspu on box, knee raises
Jeff170 Rx
Janet194 Rx
Richard L153  Knee raise, bar only ohs, 40# dumbell seated shoulder press
Kyle147  HSPU pulses, 45# OHS
Dara133  Hspu pulses and empty bar for ohs
Mallory Db press, knee raises
Whitney148 Rx
Dan B124  65# OHS, pulse hspu
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