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Monday Mar 5,2018

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Fat Tire

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill review (5 minutes)
Power snatch

Strength (10 minutes)
Find a heavy power snatch

Power snatch (95/65)
Ski jumps over the bar (L/R = 1)
Rest 5 minutes
Power snatch (75/55)
Ski jumps over the bar (L/R = 2)

**since the ladies can't drop the bar today, no one can. Anyone drops the bar from above their waist and everyone does 10 burpees immediately

100% 0%
1st13:06 Jodi Mon,Mar 5,2018
2nd14:07 Suzi Mon,Mar 5,2018
3rd15:20 Elizabeth Mon,Mar 5,2018
1st15:05 Ron Mon,Mar 5,2018
2nd18:32 Troy Mon,Mar 5,2018
3rd20:55Ryan F Mon,Mar 5,2018

Erin M18:29 Rx (8:30, 4:59)
Ryan S15:38 Rx
Elizabeth15:20 Rx
Cody14:41 Rx
Ron15:05 Rx
Derek14:43  Not Rx
Suzi14:07 Rx
Tara16:08 Rx
Gavin14:27 Rx
Richard L23:16 Rx
Troy18:32 Rx
Ryan F20:55  Not Rx
Jodi13:06 Rx
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