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Saturday Mar 3,2018

Hoping for warm weather

Warm up - trainer's choice

In teams of 3 or 4 - waterfall style
20 hang power cleans (95/65)
Run to wall at end of parking lot by Two22, touch and run back
20 box jumps (24/20)

Partner A does 20 HPC, once they finish and move onto the run, then Partner B starts their 20 HPC. Partner B cannot start running until Partner A is back. Once Partner A moves onto the box jumps, then Partner B can start their run and Partner C can start the HPC. You cannot advance to the next station until the person in front of you moves on.

If Partner B is finished with their HPC, but Partner A is not done running Partner C CANNOT start the HPC, but Partner B has not moved on to the run.

If you go in a team of 4 someone will always be at a resting station.

Score is total reps completed by all members of the team.
The run counts as 2 reps - If you touch the wall before time that is 1 rep, get in the door = 2 reps.

So if Partner A completes 4 full rounds they get 164 reps. Partner B completed 3 rounds, but no box jumps, that's 144 reps. 308 as a team.

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Anthony6 +220 Rx
Claire6+20  Not Rx
Richard L5+240 Rx