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Tuesday Feb 27,2018

Mega ManBarbell 022718

Mega Man

Warm up - trainer's choice (short and quick, 5 minutes. Today's work could almost be done with no warm up. Those starting on wall sits could use more time to warm up)

If there are more than 8 people in class split up and one group start on row, second on wall sits.  

5 rounds  
Every 2 minutes complete
45 second wall sit into 5 broad jumps. Rest no more than 3-5 seconds between the end of the wall sit and the broad jumps.

WOD (25 minute hard cap)
1000m row
90 sit ups
800m row
70 sit ups
600m row
50 sit ups
400m row
30 sit ups
200m row
10 sit ups

0% 0%
1st22:02 Rachael Tue,Feb 27,2018
2nd23:07 Janet Tue,Feb 27,2018
3rd23:42 Brooke Tue,Feb 27,2018
1st22:20 Ron Tue,Feb 27,2018
2nd22:36 Travis Tue,Feb 27,2018
3rd22:58 Ethan Tue,Feb 27,2018

Ethan22:58 Rx
Travis22:36 Rx
Ron22:20 Rx
Alison23:51 Rx
Cynthia N23:52 Rx
Dan BDNF  Thru 30 sit ups
TerryDNF  through 24 of 30 SU
Brooke23:42 Rx
Jeff23:18 Rx
Nicolle24:45 Rx
Alyssa24:31 Rx
SarahDnf Rx 400m+16
Sabrina25:00  Started 400m row
Rachael22:02 Rx
Tara23:47 Rx
Mallory25:00 Rx 9 sit ups
Melissa C25:00  10 sit ups
Anthony24:12 Rx
Claire26:30  Not Rx
Cody22:38 Rx
Katrisha24:04 Rx
Janet23:07 Rx
Derek25:00 Rx
John K25:00 Rx 6 situps short
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