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Tuesday Feb 6,2018

Big Review TV Partner WODBarbell 020618

Big Review TV Partner WOD

Warm up - trainer's choice

In teams of 2 or 3
Accumulate the following:
200 Russian KBS (70/55)**
200 hang power cleans (95/65)**
1 person from your team will always be on the rower, rowing in 500m increments. As soon as 500m is complete switch.  

Continue switching between rowing and first the KBS and second the HPC until all reps of the KBS and HPC are completed.

**If you're in a team of 3 complete 300 KBS and HPC, not 200. Still only ONE person rowing at a time, but the other two members of the team can work at the same time.

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1st20:06 Janet Tue,Feb 6,2018
2nd20:43 Katrisha Tue,Feb 6,2018
3rd27:15 Alyssa Tue,Feb 6,2018
1st20:06 Sean Tue,Feb 6,2018
2nd29:20 Josh H Tue,Feb 6,2018
3rd31:40 John K Tue,Feb 6,2018

Sean20:06 Rx With janet
Janet20:06 Rx With sean
Ethan23:43  With Drew
Tammy26:58  35# kb
Josh H29:20 Rx
Alison28:12 Rx With Cynthia
Veronica27:35  35# kb w/ lisa
Alyssa27:15 Rx W/ nicolle
Nicolle27:15 Rx W/ alyssa
Lisa27:35  35# kb w/ veronica
Dan B29:20  Some 55kbs
Katrisha20:43 Rx With rachel
Traci27:44  W/Lisa
John K31:40 Rx W/ Mada
Sarah23:44  W/ Erin 45#kb
Ryan S23:25 Rx With Mike
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