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Monday Feb 5,2018

Open 12.5 rewind

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill - double unders (15 min)
If you don't have double unders - practice
If you can't link double unders - practice

If you can link more than 10 double unders than work this as an EMOM.  
Trainers start the clock.
0:00-3:00 1 (or 2 attempts) at max set of UB DUBs
3:00-5:00 perform AMRAP DUBs
5:00-6:00 rest
6:00-9:00 1 set (or 2) perform max UB DUBs
9:00-11:00 perform AMRAP DUBs
11:00-12:00 rest
12:00 perform 1 set of max UB DUBs
In the comments note how many DUBs you got in the AMRAP and your best UB set.

WOD - Open 12.5
Ascending AMRAP7
3 thrusters 100/65
3 chest to bar
6 thrusters
6 C2B

0% 0%
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Ron70 Rx
Alison49 Rx
Stacy Y76 Rx
Marcus80 Rx
Cynthia75 Rx
Devin61  Not Rx
Lisa61  Not Rx
Nicolle60  Not Rx
Derek66  75lbs
Suzi68 Rx
Traci68  Banded pull-ups
Dara66  Not Rx
Kyle48 Rx
Adrienne52  55 lbs
John W54  Pullups
Richard50  Jump pu
Nathan62 Rx
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