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Saturday Feb 3,2018

Happy Birthday Mike W

Murphy Creek

Warm up - trainer's choice

With a partner, alternate rounds
In a 45 second window row 250/200m, rest 15 seconds
Once you or your partner cannot row 250/200m in 45 seconds your workout is over
Go as long as possible, score is total rounds completed
Or stop after 40 minutes.

Partner A rows 250m within 45 seconds.
Transition to partner B in the 15 second rest
Partner B rows 250m within 45 seconds.
Transition back to partner A in the 15 sec rest.
Continue going back and forth as long as you can.

Once one of you cannot complete 250m (200 for the smarter sex) then your workout is over. If you can do that for 10 minutes your score is '10'.

If you and your partner cannot row 250/200 inside of 45 seconds at the begging scale accordingly. This should be a pretty hard (maybe very hard) 45 seconds of rowing. You get 1:15 of rest after each row - push yourself. If you scale pick a challenging goal in terms of meters and try to hit that for as long as possible.  

Can anyone get 40 minutes (20 intervals each partner) RX?

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1st26 Jodi Sat,Feb 3,2018
2nd23 Suzi Sat,Feb 3,2018
1st12 John K Sat,Feb 3,2018

Richard LRx
John K12 Rx
Suzi23 Rx With Katrisha
Jodi26 Rx With Lauren