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Friday Feb 2,2018

Settlers Village

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill - review the Turkish Get-Up

Tabata: burpees
2min rest in which you will complete 6 total TGU (35/25 alt arms)
Tabata: wall balls (20/14 to 10/9)
2 min rest to complete 6 TGU
Tabata: hang power cleans (95/65)
2min rest to complete 6 TGU  
Tabata: floor press (95/65)
2min to complete 6 TGU  

Score is total reps for all tabatas minus any TGU not completed...TGU are worth 10 reps each

0% 0%
1st213 Katrisha Fri,Feb 2,2018
2nd171 Darcy Fri,Feb 2,2018
3rd195Elizabeth Fri,Feb 2,2018
1st284 Travis Fri,Feb 2,2018
2nd226 TJ Fri,Feb 2,2018
3rd190 Nathan U Fri,Feb 2,2018

Steve S143  25# kb
Dana163  10# kb
Tammy144  18#
Sarah156  15# , 55#
Anthony221 Rx
James197  10# t, 75# c&lp
Katrisha213 Rx
Traci140  18#kb
Sabrina122  15# TGU
Elizabeth195  20lb tgu
Darcy171 Rx
Claire208  15lb tgu
Tara169  15lb kb tgu
John K170  15# tgu
Travis284 Rx
Nathan U190 Rx
TJ226 Rx
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