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Thursday Feb 1,2018

Gymversary Josh H-1
ConservatoryBarbell 020118


Warm up - trainer's choice

1 min max air squats
1 min max push ups
2 min max air squats
2 min max push ups
3 min max air squats
3 min max push ups

Score today is total number of air squats and push ups completed during 12 minutes.

Extra - perform either before or after the WOD
Row 2k, not for time

0% 0%
1st348 Rebecca Thu,Feb 1,2018
2nd312 Alyssa Thu,Feb 1,2018
3rd305 Sarah Thu,Feb 1,2018
1st374 TJ Thu,Feb 1,2018
2nd320 Josh H Thu,Feb 1,2018
3rd276 Ron Thu,Feb 1,2018

Erin M276 Rx
Ron276 Rx
James S181 Rx
Devin195 Rx
Dan B232 Rx
TJ374 Rx
Terry357 Rx
Rebecca348 Rx
Alyssa312 Rx
Lisa238 Rx
Sabrina249 Rx
Mallory248 Rx
Sarah305 Rx
Tara272 Rx
Richard L233 Rx
Josh H320 Rx
Claire267  Not Rx
Adrienne271  Pu on knees
Gavin347 Rx
Derek189 Rx
John K232 Rx
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