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Wednesday Jan 31,2018

Happy Birthday Vivi

Centretech Park

Warm up - trainer's choice

EMOM10: 5 jumping squats (135/95) - taken from ground

40seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest
Rotate between the following

slam balls (20/12)
wall balls (20/14 both to 10 feet)
Double unders
Box jumps (24/20)

Follow 40 on/20 off for 16 minutes

Doesn't matter which station you start at, but rotate in that order performing each station in a 4 minute window - 4 times total for 16 minutes of work following 40 on/20 off.

Score is total number of reps for all intervals during the 16 minutes

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1st433 Jodi Wed,Jan 31,2018
2nd422 Stacy Y Wed,Jan 31,2018
3rd308 Alyssa Wed,Jan 31,2018
1st225 John K Wed,Jan 31,2018
2nd464Dan B Wed,Jan 31,2018
3rd400Devin Wed,Jan 31,2018

Tammy446  Singles
James S454  Weighted su
Richard L446  Single unders
Dan B464  Singles
Devin400  Not Rx
Terry287 Rx
Stacy Y422 Rx
Tabitha340  Half singles
Sabrina248  Singles for 1 round
Melissa C475  Singles
Mallory443  Singles; 24' Box Jump
Alyssa308 Rx
Steve S220  singles
Traci?? Rx Not much since I Rx’d
Kristin385  Random combo of singles and doubles
Jodi433 Rx
John K225 Rx
TaraNo idea Rx
Whitney307 Rx
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