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Wednesday Jan 31,2018

Happy Birthday Derek

Centretech Park

Warm up - trainer's choice

EMOM10: 5 jumping squats (135/95) - taken from ground

40seconds of work, 20 seconds of rest
Rotate between the following

slam balls (20/12)
wall balls (20/14 both to 10 feet)
Double unders
Box jumps (24/20)

Follow 40 on/20 off for 16 minutes

Doesn't matter which station you start at, but rotate in that order performing each station in a 4 minute window - 4 times total for 16 minutes of work following 40 on/20 off.

Score is total number of reps for all intervals during the 16 minutes

0% 0%
1st433 Jodi Wed,Jan 31,2018
2nd308 Alyssa Wed,Jan 31,2018
3rd307 Whitney Wed,Jan 31,2018
1st225 John K Wed,Jan 31,2018
2nd464Dan B Wed,Jan 31,2018
3rd454James Wed,Jan 31,2018

Tammy446  Singles
James454  Weighted su
Richard446  Single unders
Dan B464  Singles
Devin400  Not Rx
Terry287 Rx
Stacy Y422 Rx
Tabitha340  Half singles
Sabrina248  Singles for 1 round
Melissa475  Singles
Mallory443  Singles; 24' Box Jump
Alyssa308 Rx
Steve S220  singles
Traci?? Rx Not much since I Rx’d
Kristin385  Random combo of singles and doubles
Jodi433 Rx
John K225 Rx
TaraNo idea Rx
Whitney307 Rx
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