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Tuesday Jan 30,2018

Happy Birthday Travis
Tollgate WestBarbell 013018

Tollgate West

Warm up - trainer's choice

5 rounds for max reps
1 min max KBS (55/35)
1 min max S2O (95/65)
1 min max jumping lunge
1 min max pull ups
1 min rest

Score is total number of reps for all 5 rounds.

0% 0%
1st516 Suzi Tue,Jan 30,2018
2nd504 Jodi Tue,Jan 30,2018
3rd489 Angie Tue,Jan 30,2018
1st445 TJ Tue,Jan 30,2018
2nd413 Troy Tue,Jan 30,2018
3rd356 Nathan U Tue,Jan 30,2018

Diana321  Not Rx
Erin M337  Not Rx
Sarah286  55# , banded pu
Tammy306  Banded
TJ445 Rx
Dana314  Banded pu
Shad342 Rx
Whitney435 Rx
Angie489 Rx
Anthony404 Rx
Marc W431 Rx
Adrienne371  Not Rx
Richard L318  Jump pu
Nicolle372  Jp
Dan O354 Rx
Dara313 Rx
Devin294  Band
Nathan U356 Rx
Stacy Y443 Rx
Ron403  Squats instead of lunges
James S265  Bpu
Kyle305 Rx
Dan B284 Rx
Alison322 Rx
Terry335 Rx
Alyssa358 Rx
Lisa307  Not Rx
Heather304  Not Rx
Elizabeth320  Not Rx
Sabrina331  Banded PU
Brooke410 Rx
Tara360 Rx
Troy413 Rx
Melissa C381 Rx
Jodi504 Rx
Suzi516 Rx
Jen442  Not Rx
John K309 Rx
Traci206  Only 3 rounds
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