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Monday Jan 29,2018


Warm Up
Trainer's choice

Min 1: 5 snatch grip deadlift
Min 2: 3 snatch high pulls (scarecrow)
Min 3: 1 snatch with a 5 second hold in the squat
You pick the weight. Feel free to increase during emom
For time:
75 Power Snatch 75/55

In honor of Randy Simmons, 51, a 27 year LAPD veteran and SWAT team member who was killed February 6, 2008 in the line of duty.Our thoughts and prayers go out to Officer Simmons’ wife and two children.

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Dana7:53 Rx 18th
Erin M6:48 Rx 14th
Travis4:50 Rx
Tara6:21 Rx
Tammy6:56 Rx 15th
TJ5:49 Rx 6th
Janet3:31 Rx 2nd
Mada7:36 Rx 17th
Alison5:40 Rx 6th
Dan O6:29 Rx 9th
Diana8:14 Rx 19th
Dan B5:55 Rx 7th
Cynthia N5:55 Rx
Elizabeth5:57 Rx 9th
Stacy Y3:46 Rx 3rd
Nicolle5:50 Rx
Katrisha4:13 Rx
Adrienne9:33  Not Rx
Derek7:04 Rx
Traci6:46 Rx 13th
Scott4:49 Rx
Gavin5:13 Rx
Suzi4:58 Rx 5th
Melissa C6:44 Rx 12th
Jodi3:31 Rx
Troy7:13 Rx 11th
Hannah7:50  22nd 45#
Ethan5:04 Rx 4th
Ryan F8:55 Rx 13th
Marc W5:23 Rx
Darcy9:43 Rx 20th
Kyle8:11 Rx 12th
Dara11:19 Rx 21st
Nathan U5:22 Rx 5th
Kristin7:10 Rx
Richard L9:56 Rx
Jen6:54 Rx
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