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Sunday Jan 28,2018

Travis B'Day WOD 2018

For time:
185/125 bench presses, 10 reps (we'll do floor press)
10 strict pull-ups
135/95 thrusters, max set
Repeat the triplet until 100 thrusters are completed.  

Alternate rounds with your partner. Run 200m during your 'resting' rounds

Right into
Put on a 20lb vest for this one

100-calorie row
75 thrusters, 45/35
50 pull-ups
75 wall-ball shots, 20/14
100-calorie row
Split up the reps however you wish

Strip off the vest
Right into

7 rounds
11 back squats, 185/125
10 jerks, 135/95

7 rounds for each partner, alternating rounds.

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