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Thursday Jan 11,2018

Kingsborough500m row time trialBarbell 011118Other Posted Results


Warm up -trainer's choice

500m time trial - record that score on the proper tab

Rest 10 minutes

Buy in: 1000m row
3 rounds
25 KBS (55/35)
50 double unders

0% 0%
1st9:47 Jodi Thu,Jan 11,2018
2nd9:52 Lauren Thu,Jan 11,2018
3rd11:43 Amanda Z Thu,Jan 11,2018
1st11:26 Ron Thu,Jan 11,2018
2nd11:59 Travis Thu,Jan 11,2018
3rd13:35 Troy Thu,Jan 11,2018

Tara14:31  Singles
Richard L14:42  Singles + 40
Travis11:59 Rx
Tammy15:48  Singles
Sarah13:58  Singles
Erin M13:15  Singles
Amanda Z11:43 Rx
James19:36  Su, 35#
Alison17:07 Rx
Alyssa12:47 Rx
Sabrina16:52  Singles
Traci14:53  Singles
John K18:13  45#, singles
Troy13:35 Rx Dus
Lauren9:52 Rx
Jodi9:47 Rx
Ryan S14:07  Singles
Elizabeth14:24  Singles
Ron11:26 Rx
Dara15:40 Rx
Kyle15:30  45# KB
Derek14:46  Not Rx
Lisa15:05  3x singles
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