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Tuesday Jan 9,2018

Side CreekBarbell 010918

Side Creek

Warm up - trainer's choice

Take 15 minutes to work on handstands, handstand walking or other skills to improve being upside down

AMRAP5 - burpee box jump overs (no touching the box - 24 for all)
Rest 10 minutes
AMRAP5 - burpee box jumps (24 for all)

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1st101 Janet Tue,Jan 9,2018
2nd96 Lauren Tue,Jan 9,2018
3rd88 Suzi Tue,Jan 9,2018
1st103 Josh H Tue,Jan 9,2018
2nd100 Travis Tue,Jan 9,2018
3rd97 Ron Tue,Jan 9,2018

Janet101 Rx
Angie86 Rx
Travis100 Rx
Sarah72  20in pvc jump over, 20in box jump
Ron97 Rx 47 + 50
James70  Not Rx
Richard L65  Not Rx
Dan B66  Not Rx
Terry101  50+51
Josh H103 Rx
Traci70  12'box
Jodi85 Rx
Suzi88 Rx
Melissa C73  Bench
Lauren96 Rx
Jessica F65  24 w/pole & 20
John K75 Rx
Ryan S82 Rx
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