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Monday Jan 8,2018

Happy Birthday Paul

Mission Viejo

Warm up - trainer's choice

Strength/warm up - take 10 minutes to warm up to the deadlift weight you will be using during the WOD

5 rounds
2 deadlift (no dropping from waist! must control to ground) - RX+ 315/225, RX 275/195, RX2 225/155
10 bar facing burpees

Immediately into

2 rounds
50 lunge in place
25 pull ups

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1st13:14 +Janet Mon,Jan 8,2018
2nd17:34 +Alison Mon,Jan 8,2018
3rd19:11 +Alyssa Mon,Jan 8,2018
1st10:18 +Ron Mon,Jan 8,2018
2nd12:04 +Travis Mon,Jan 8,2018
3rd14:06 +Ethan Mon,Jan 8,2018

Ethan14:06 Rx+
Erin M20:03  Not Rx
Dana22:15  Banded pu
Tammy20:00  Banded pu
Sarah16:46  145#
Dan B19:48 Rx
Ryan S17:50 Rx
Alison17:34 Rx+
Ron10:18 Rx+
Terry14:25 Rx
Rebecca13:52 Rx
Stacy Y14:08 Rx2
Nicolle18:08  Rx2 banded pu
Sabrina17:22  115#, banded pull ups
Elizabeth23:37 Rx
Travis12:04 Rx+
Josh H11:47 Rx2
Lauren12:15 Rx
Marcus12:53 Rx+
Melissa C17:32 Rx2
Alyssa19:11 Rx+
Lisa18:57  225#, banded pus
TJ10:49 Rx
Janet13:14 Rx+
Angie10:43 Rx
Jodi11:56 Rx
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