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Saturday Jan 6,2018


Warm up - trainer's choice

AMRAP5 - strict pull ups or chin ups.  
Grip doesn't matter as long as you start in a dead hang each rep and end with your chin over the bar with no assistance from a kip of any sort.  
(If you use bands, make them tough. Use less band than normal. Strict only!)

Rest at least 5 minutes

(Do this outside to enjoy the nice weather!!)

AMRAP25 with a partner
1 person completes a round while other rests
1 sprint
broad jump 4 parking spots (BROAD jump, NOT bunny hops)
6 burpees (You'll live doing burpees on the pavement)
(see picture to the right)

Teams will start on same end.
Athlete 1 will run down to other end, perform the broad jumps and burpees. Once done Athlete 2 will sprint down and do the same. Team will go back and forth for 25 minutes.

Your score is total rounds completed as a team. Note your strict pull up score in your comments (pull ups is an individual score, not a team score).

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1st17+9 Traci Sat,Jan 6,2018
Tammy Sat,Jan 6,2018
1st26+10 Travis Sat,Jan 6,2018

Travis26+10 Rx With TJ
Traci17+9 Rx With Tammy and Dana
Tammy17+9 Rx Traci & Dana
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