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Wednesday Dec 6,2017

Fir Trees

Warm up - trainer's choice

Odd: 10 DB press while sitting on the floor - you pick the weight, make it challenging
Even: 10 Cossack lunge with weight (bar on back)

Ring Dips
Push Ups
Box Jumps (24/20)

0% 0%
1st8:29Erin M Wed,Dec 6,2017
2nd8:46Brooke Wed,Dec 6,2017
3rd9:22Tammy Wed,Dec 6,2017
1st6:38 TJ Wed,Dec 6,2017
2nd7:15 Gavin Wed,Dec 6,2017
3rd7:52 Travis Wed,Dec 6,2017

Tammy9:22  Box dips
Sean8:06 Rx
Travis7:52 Rx
Erin M8:29  Dips on box
Claire11:31  Banded ring dips
Anthony1236  Not Rx
Richard L9:48  Box dips
Janet11:13  Bar dips and band dips
TJ6:38 Rx
Terry9:31 Rx
Dan B10:22  Banded rings
Ron12:39 Rx
Alison17:00  Not all the way down on ring dips
Jordan C8:21 Rx
Aminat10:18 Rx
Sabrina11:15  Banded ring rows
Ethan8:28 Rx
Josh H8:17  Red band dips 15 and 9
Brooke8:46  Dip bar
Kayln9:30  Bandedd dips
Gavin7:15 Rx
Adrienne9:20  No dips
Kyle12:05  Dips with band
Mallory11:35  Dips with band
John W10:12  Box dips and step ups
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