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Tuesday Dec 5,2017

Cream Corn v2Barbell 120517

Cream Corn v2

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Last month we did this same workout, but fewer reps. People were able to complete all the reps. This month it is more difficult.

Warm up - trainer's choice

Skill - 5 minutes
Review the power clean and jerk

Odd: 5 power clean and jerks (135/95) + 20 air squats
Even: 50 double unders

Extra credit
Accumulate 100 feet of handstand walking (each stall mat is 6 feet long)
100 shoulder taps (facing away from wall is most difficult. Facing wall is easier. If neither is possible perform shoulder taps in a plank)

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TammyYes  65# 10 squats singles
RonYes  135#. 3 C&J, 10 Air squats, 40 dubs
SabrinaYes  3 65# c+j, 10 squats, du practice
Richard LYes  4 rep PC, 10 squat
TravisYes  If by 'yes' you mean 'no', then yes
Dan BYes  95# 3 rep. 20 air squat. Practiced du
BrookeYes  85#, singles
AndrewYes  45# 10 squats singles
AdrienneYes  Single jump ropes, 10 squats
KristinYes  95#, 10 squats, 25 doubles
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Ron 7:49am
November 9th was Creamed Corn if you want to check to see what you did for it.