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Friday Dec 1,2017

6x6 @70% + 15-30 lbs

Warm up - trainer's choice

Strength (30 minutes)
Warm up sufficiently before starting
6x6 back squat at 70% of 15-30lbs

10 2-for-1 wall balls (20/14 to 10/9 foot)
bear crawl down and back (5 mats)
10 2-for-1 wall balls
crab walk down and back
10 2-for-1 wall balls
duck walk down and back
10 2-for-1 wall balls

2-for-1 wall ball is where you do an extra squat while the wall ball is in the air

100% 0%
1st6:33Melissa C Fri,Dec 1,2017
2nd7:00Alison Fri,Dec 1,2017
3rd7:30Hannah Fri,Dec 1,2017
1st4:50 Travis Fri,Dec 1,2017
2nd5:33 Ron Fri,Dec 1,2017
3rd6:22Ryan F Fri,Dec 1,2017

Ron5:33 Rx
Alison7:00  Bear crawl instead of duck walk
Terry7:31  :)
Travis4:50 Rx
Melissa C6:33  Regular wall balls +10 air squats
Anthony5:31  14#
Claire5:30  Not Rx
Ryan F6:22  14#
Hannah7:30  10#
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