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Thursday Nov 30,2017

Russian twistsBarbell 113017

Russian twists

Warm up - trainer's choice

50 box step ups holding 1 KB (hold however you wish) - 20inch box for all, 55/35 KB
75 sit ups
100 double unders
75 Russian twists (20/14 wall ball, each time ball touches ground = 1 rep)
50 box step ups - NO WEIGHT, 20 inch box for all
25 hand release push ups

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1st13:40 Janet Thu,Nov 30,2017
2nd20:01 Whitney Thu,Nov 30,2017
3rd22:55 Alison Thu,Nov 30,2017
1st16:40 Travis Thu,Nov 30,2017
2nd17:26 Gavin Thu,Nov 30,2017
3rd21:06 TJ Thu,Nov 30,2017

Travis16:40 Rx
Tammy19:56  Singles
TJ21:06 Rx
Josh H18:54  15 full hspu
Ron18:17  HSPU on ab mat
Dan O21:10  Not Rx
Kyle21:00  HSPU
Dan B23:45  Singles and pulse hspu
Terry16:14 Rx
Gavin17:26 Rx
Brooke18:45  Abmat
Sabrina22:01  10# russian twist, plated hspu
Elizabeth20:40  Hspu mod
Alyssa19:19  Hspu with plates
Veronica23:06  Singles hspu with plates
Jodi14:02  Ab mat
Janet13:40 Rx
Andrew18:36  HSP hold, singles, 35 dumb bell weight
Oula32:00  Modified
Mallory20:28  Hspu attempts;singles w/du attempts
Hannah18:11  Plated hspu. 10# twists. Combined su and du.
Alison22:55 Rx
Richard L19:06  Singles, box hspu
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