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Wednesday Nov 29,2017

Happy Birthday Steve S
10x3 at 85% + 10/20lbsOther Posted Results

10x3 at 85% + 10/20lbs

Warm up - trainer's choice

Strength (35 minutes)
Warm up sufficiently before starting
10x3 back squat at 85% of your add 10/20lbs

50 plate hops - box jump style (45/25)
50 plate hops - side to side***
50 walking lunge steps with plate held overhead
50 plate hops - side to side
50 plate hops - box jump style

***from left side of plate, jump laterally onto the plate and then off to the right side....then back onto the plate to the left side. Continue hoping side to side for 50 total jumps. Left to right = 1, right to left = 2, etc

0% 0%
1st6:18 Janet Wed,Nov 29,2017
2nd7:12 Dana Wed,Nov 29,2017
3rd7:42 Alyssa Wed,Nov 29,2017
1st5:54 Ethan Wed,Nov 29,2017
2nd5:55 Ron Wed,Nov 29,2017
3rd6:23 Josh H Wed,Nov 29,2017

Steve S9:37 Rx
Tammy9:39  Not weighted lunges
Sarah8:06 Rx
Dana7:12 Rx Not Rx
Josh H6:23 Rx
Kyle7:20 Rx
Dan B12:10 Rx
Ron5:55 Rx
Travis7:20 Rx
Rebecca11:16 Rx 20in box for box jumps x 100
Veronica10:06  Not Rx
Alyssa7:42 Rx
Kayln7:01  185#
Kristin8:22 Rx 200#
Ethan5:54 Rx
John K7:14 Rx
Janet6:18 Rx 150 side hops thanks to Ethan
TJ6:26 Rx
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