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Monday Jan 13,2014


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Warmup: Trainers Choice (10 min)

3-3-3 clean pulls (110% 1RM)
With bar on the ground pull the weight like you are going to clean it, but do not let your arms bend. You are completing the 1st and 2nd pulls, not the 3rd. (It's sort of like a fast deadlift but with the shoulder shrug)

5 rounds of:
Crab walk front to back of gym, 10 jumping jacks
Bear crawl back to front of gym, 10 squats

Even minutes: 10 KB swings (72/55)
Odd minutes: 10 wall balls (20/14)

Extra Credit
Find 3 rep max of the following complex (do not let go of bar during the complex):
High hang snatch (at waist)
Low hang snatch (just above the knees)
Ghost ride snatch (1 inch from floor)

0% 0%

TravisYes  After 10 min I upped to 12/12 EMOM
RonYes  70#KB - 20# WB - Nothing extra
AlisonYes  45#
Jessica SYes  rx 1-10 min, then stopped couldn't stop coughing. DNF stupid chest cold
Jessica FYes  45# KB; 135# strength
BrookeYes  45# then 135 for strength
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